We are shocked by the musical maturity of The Drops (...) this album is definitely a success
— Jean-Marc Gelin Les dernières nouvelles du jazz
They write like sons of rock but their phrasing come form the jazz heritage. They hold their potential, surely explosive, in the articulation of polished dialogues, on a rhythmic pulse subtle and complex
— Eric Delhaye SoJazz
Delicacy and energy, lyricism and restraint: the balance between these polarities is always very difficult (...) The Drops pick the challenge with brio and elegance
— Yann Mens La Croix
Compact, hallowing the sound with calculated precision, mixing electric and acoustic echos
— Eric Quenot Jazz Magazine
The Drops sound only like themselves
— Luca Civelli (MusicaJazz)
The Drops is a contemporary jazz that start as a scattering rain to become a tempestuous river
— Pascal Derathé
Falling from the Sky is an artwork of remarkable musical and intellectual depth
— Fabrizio Dadò (Axe guitar magazine)
Discreetly charming, Falling from the Sky will quickly make its intimist melody sing within yourself
— Denis Desassis (Citizen Jazz)